4 things that men look for in an escort


For countries such as Australia where the escorts business is completely legal, the industry is growing rapidly due to the never ending demand. Sex is like ice cream the more one has it, the more one wants it. Men are always craving for a better sexual experience which leads them to finding the most perfect woman which can satiate all of their needs. In the age of the internet, paying for sex has become easy and the doors to the girl of your dreams is just a few pages away. Here are 4 things that men look for in an escort

  1. Body shape: Perhaps the most important and most visually appealing factor are the assets of the escort. Some men prefer ass over tits while some are all about if the escort is slim or thick. Personal choices rule the escorts Sydney market and here customer realty is the king!


  1. Hair colour: Recent research tells us that Aussie men are all about blondes. 1 in every 3 men is likely to choose a blond escort over someone who has black or brown hair. For those who thought hair does not play an important part this might come in as a surprise.



  1. Grooming: A lot of money is spent by the escort company on the grooming of their escorts. From eyes to the toes, men with specific needs tend to be choosey when paying top dollar for High Class Escorts. While many men prefer the escort’s vagina to be full shaven, there are some who like the old school way of a woman having hair down under.


  1. Age: Escort industry is such that it does not discriminate the people according to age. From someone as young as early 20s to a middle aged women in her late 40s, there is a demand for everyone and as long as you’re legal, age is certainly no barrier in this industry!


A perfect escort company is the one which lets you filter and finds an escort which fits the right bill. Sydney’s award winning Boardroom Escort International is one place where one can find a girl which has all of the above mentioned attributes.

Sex habits of Australians

Checkout the surprising statistics of Aussies bedroom behaviours. An info-graph describing sexual habits of Australians by “The Great Australian Sex Census”.

Whatever your sex habit would be, Sydney Escorts always makes sure that the clients are always satisfied


Black London Escorts Are in Great Demand

Black London Escort

Black London Escort


Black Escorts come from all over the world. They come from the Caribbean, France, Brazil and many other places including Africa. Black Escorts have been and still seem to rapidly be becoming more popular within London Escort Agencies over the last few years it seems. Of course not all of them are from different countries and exotic lands. Some of the best ones you can find are born right here in our beautiful city of London.

Black London Escorts come in so many different shapes and sizes. Black Escorts are just one of the specialties of women that Playful Escorts has to offer you. Escort Agencies here in London know and understand that everyone is different; that we all have different tastes and not everyone necessarily prefers the same type of Escort. One person may be attracted to slim girls with small breasts; others may prefer the company of full-figured and large breasted Black Escorts. For that reason they frantically try to scoop them up as fast as they can without properly interviewing them and you could be in for a not so memorable or bad experience. We hope that’s never the case but as experienced punters it´s going to happen on occasion.

If you are a punter and find yourself wanting to book the services of Black Escorts, Playful Escorts is an excellent London Agency who is able to offer you our outstanding services. They are one of those Agencies who try to keep their prices as low as possible without sacrificing anything when it comes to the looks, personalities, services and attitudes of their Black London Escorts.

Black London Escorts galleries on different escort sites will vary greatly some will have very impressive selections while others may not. If you are patient you should have no problems finding a suitable companion for an hour or two of your time. Most agencies will give discounted rates on longer lengths of booking so if you have a special event in mind most all of them can accommodate you for anything you have in mind.

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Why mature escorts often visit nightclubs?


mature escort

Parties, nightclubs, discos and bars are today’s generation spending most of their leisure time. Now, you all may know that various nightclubs and discos have rule where a male guy need to have a female partner in order to get an entry. If you don’t have a one, you really got to search for a partner and if you’re lucky enough you are in or else you better got to leave with no parties or dance. Parties without girls are like a lion without canine teeth- no prey- killing. Now, if you want to stop killing yourself and want to enjoy with girls at parties and nightclubs and, if you don’t have a girl-partner then London escorts are your best partners.

London is best place in the world to have your choice of escorts; with variety in them. Mature escorts are best girls to accompany with when you got to visit nightclubs and parties. Mature babes often visit discos and clubs with the demands from local men and men from around world. As mature escort is experienced, men do prefer these bombshells with the intensity of passion with which these escorts satisfy men.

Mature escorts in London love three D’s- Dudes, Dance, Drinks, when they are in nightclubs. They love DJ’s, that loud music which makes them go flirty and men often come close to them and make moments romantic. Though blonde escorts are less preferred than mature ones but blondes too not fall behind when men need companionship during parties.

Date Stunning Mature escort in London

mature escorts

London is one of world’s best places to find and enjoy with an escort. Women from around the world come in London and find the escort job more amazing and fun. It’s out of interest and choice they choose London. There are different types of escorts who serve the clients here. Many tourists and business men choose mature escorts to enjoy with them.  Mature escorts are experienced and have perfect body which is best to play with it.

Men who don’t like to be in long term relationships or men who want to have perfect partner mature babes are best to date with.  These escorts are hot and stunning who have curvaceous body. They are best dates which make men satisfied. Men who want to go on date with Kensington mature escorts; London is the finest place to do so. They are experienced and they handle men, who are new to this, with gentle attitude. Escorts teach them how it’s safe to be with them.

The mature escorts love to have dates at luxurious places, be it hotels, or at parties, or at discos. Some love to have date at silent places where there is no one; just to make it more romantic. The stunning London escorts give best bedroom experiences to make men wild. They love surprises in bed, at dates and love romance. If you want love, date, flirt with these mature escorts in London then London escort agencies is the best source.

Romance with Sensational Blonde escorts in London

blonde escorts

London is one of the world’s best places where different people from around the world come here for businesses, education, entertainment and more. London entertainment industry is booming with the number of escorts’ agencies hiring escorts.  The escorts, here, at London come from different corners of the world. London offering quite a fantastic opportunity for escorts, gorgeous and romantic girls find this a good employment option. The escorts here are a good source of entertainment for men. Romance with such hot babes is what men thrive to get into.

London escorts’ agencies hire every different kind of escorts to meet clients’ demand. There are busty escorts, blonde escorts, ebony and many more. Each escort has its own unique way to satisfy customers. Blonde escorts are best romancers. The blonde escorts London are not just from Latin America or East or South Europe. London blonde’s have different tinge in them with the gleaming skin and long legs which are just seducing. They have got curvaceous figure and rounded buttocks that is attractive to every men who would want to romance with them. What one thing in blonde escorts, every man, finds amazing being with is their romantic nature. They have that romance in their blood which simply makes their partners impressive.

Romance with blonde escorts is not what escorts in London succeed in giving to their companions. Be it parties, nightclubs or bars these golden hair babes, in their jazzy outfits, would make romantic pair with you. They would dance with you, do salsa and making her come close to you and a peck on her cheek would just ignite the romanticism. The sun bath near those blue waters and her bikini wear in which she looks hot is perfect time you would want to spend. Nights are wild with her romantic and naughty talk that makes men horny. It’s not escorts that are romantic but blondes who are more romantic.

Hot Duo Escorts in London

duo escorts

Tourists around the world have always been finding Europe as their one of the best vacations places. Asian countries especially India and China attract lot of people to European places. London is also one of the prime destination hubs to many people. The trend of hiring escorts to accompany them to various trips has been increasing. London escorts have been in demand over the years but tourist’s attraction towards escorts has seen increasing drastically.

London escort agencies have duo escorts categories in which clients have two escorts who accompany them. The escorts may be a combination of busty and brunette, blonde and busty or any other combination which customer likes to have. The advantage of having duo escorts is that the client gets to enjoy companionship of two escorts rather than having select one escort twice which increase customer budget as well. Duo escorts are always preferred by men who want to be with their favourites.

In parties and in social gatherings men have the duo escorts one on each side. Men would often feel proud in public with those gorgeous and sizzling babes accompanying him. You can enjoy in discos and clubs, and get hangover with these ladies. Dance and DJ’s at London nightclubs with sexy bombshells is fascinating. Beaches are just awesome to have these bikini escorts with you. The nights are wild when its duo escorts playing around you in bedroom. They would flirt you, tease you and would allow you to have body access. Get more info on duo escorts.

Mature Outcall escort

mature escorts London

The escorts have become source of entertainment for men. The young girls, the mature women and busty babes are all into this domain. The escorts’ agencies in London also play one of the important roles by hiring London escorts to serve people. The agencies have all types of escorts from various parts of world. The services of agencies include all A-level services and you also have outcall as well as incall meetings depending on particular escorts.

The online portals of websites display whether an escort is busty or blonde or mature escorts London and also it shows if an escort provide incall or outcall or both services. Men who prefer mature escorts particularly love to have experienced women. Mature escorts have hot and sexy body which is best to play with when it comes to have sex. The curvaceous body these babes have is attractive and mind blowing. Also the maturity with which these women handle their partners is appreciable.

The London has lot of escorts who are experienced and are in this industry to satisfy men. One thing that is best in mature escorts of London is that they handle their inexperienced men with total care. Men who haven’t had been with a girl and at first meet with an escort is pretty uncomfortable. These London’s mature ladies treat them with total affection.

Some escorts provide only outcall meetings. They don’t go for incall- may be they prefer luxurious rooms or apartments- one way to impress clients. The mature London escorts prefer either their private apartment or a 3- star hotel or may be more than that. The mature outcall escort is the ideal choice for men to have companionship to spend quality weekends. When it comes to party or social gathering these gorgeous babes are kind and genuine to community.

A-level services by London escorts

London escort

The world is getting busy day by day with the work load on every individual. We all need some extra activities that help us get over with this stressful life. The men who are busy whole week with hectic schedule have very tiresome life. And also men who don’t girlfriends or spouses feel lonely. There are various solutions to such busy and lonely life. A perfect partner who would accompany you and would make your weekends stress free is proper solution.  Escorts are a great companion in your life.

London escorts are best companions who satisfy common men, business men and tourists as well. The London escorts’ agencies are the dealers who would hire and make sure the clients get all services which men desire for. The first and the foremost thing agencies provide men with are: the physical appearances, education, figure, etc of the escorts. Then customers have choice from: busty escorts, brunette escorts, blonde escorts and many more.

London escorts provide A-level services which is why customers from around the world come and enjoy with escorts. The escorts offer you physical intimacy which makes your nights romantic and sexy. Escorts will give you every fun; she will play with your body and will give you an access to her body. The London escort give you the best girlfriend experience by being kind and genuine partner.

London escorts would accompany you at candle light dinner and would love to see surprises from men. She would care for you, love you and romance with you. She would also tour with you throughout the world to make your vacations blissful. Businessmen could get social companionship to various business meets, social gatherings and nightouts.