Why our escort agency is cheap for incall and outcall service

The world of escorting is ever-changing. Unlike most other industries, this one has to keep up with the dynamic changes that come with human beings’ sexual urges. Today, some men may be into the busty, curvy ladies then tomorrow they will want the smaller-boobed ladies. Therefore, in order to keep up with every man’s dynamic needs, we are always bringing new arrivals and categories of girls for you to choose from.

In the past, it was difficult to pick up a beautiful girl to spend the night with because you would have to go to the dark alleys to find them. Then came the Internet. It was made possible to hire cheap London escorts online and in the comfort of your house, office or hotel room without the hassle of having to walk the dangerous alleys. But then, this too became a common trend in the market. With time, many men found it somewhat exhausting to always find a hotel room to spend the night in with the cheap London escort. Our London escorts agency made it possible for you men to choose between an outcall escort and an incall escort.  These are the key points this London escorts agency put into account when we split the escorts into incall and outcall.

Incall escort services give you the following benefits:

  1. You can visit you incall escort at any time because you know exactly where to find her. The Incall escorts services makes it easier to locate your dream girl because she will always be where you last had a session with her.
  2. Your residence remains a secret. If you are the type of guy who values privacy and wants to keep his home off the radar, then with incall escorts no one will ever know this information.
  3. You get to save a huge deal of cash because you don’t have to rent out a hotel room for you and your cheap London escort.
  4. However, you do not know the security of your escort’s area of residence and this could be a bit risky for you, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the area you are meeting the girl does not pose any harm to you.

Outcall escort services have the following pros and cons

  1. Your safety is almost at 100% because you are calling the escort into your own home. Therefore, this cancels out the risks of visiting a place you have never been to before.
  2. The privacy of all you do in that room with your escort is certain. There are no secret cameras or devices that will compromise your discreetness.
  3. You have the luxury of going outside the bedroom walls with your party girl escort. You can go out for drinks or occasions before getting back to your house for the sweet loving.
  4. However, getting a party girl escort is more expensive because you need to pay for a hotel room and other expenses that come with the service.

Whether you prefer the incall our outcall party girl escort, our London escorts agency will give you the best experience regardless of your choice.

Top 3 Cheap escorts in London from Playful escorts

It’s somehow difficult for any punter to book cheap escorts from the very wide range of escorts. In London, we are giving the service for incall as well as outcall having the top escorts which are affordable in range and having the talent to please any man. These girls are having the best reviews left by the punters. The cheap escorts in London are not the easy task to find one when you have an option to choose from many girls. Playful escorts are the always best option to choose cheap escorts.


Nicole name is sort of ringing bell with me. Whatsoever when she joined our agency it looks familiar with us. She is 22 years old. I can’t say what will be sure to do. She is the little bit on the young side at just 22 years old, but we know how much boys and girls seem to have a special she is. She has 34D breast which will keep an eye out for the little tidy breast. Her dress size is 8. Her complexion is tan. She is the slim and busty girl. She has height 5’5” tall. She has black hairs and brown eyes. Her home country is Ecuadorian. She can speak Spanish and English. She has straight sexual orientation. She is available for outcall service. Booking price for an hour is £ 110. So, book her today for intimate pleasure with big boobs.



Nur the name itself suggest bizarre type. As her name is not really that everyone knows. Spanish beauty with beautiful olive skin and the sexiest body which is very attractive for anyone who sees her beauty. Her body maintained secret is Pineapple Dance studio. She is 23 years of old. She has the breast size of 34B natural. Her complexion is fair. She is the slim beauty that everyone loves her beautiful shape. She is 5’7” tall. Her hairs are brown having shoulder length with brown eyes that look very attractive. She belongs to Spain and knows the English, French and Spanish language. Her sexual orientation is bisexual. She is available for incall service in Bayswater.



Thaisa is the supermodel and having the talent to please any punters. She loves music and sex. She is young and beautiful. She is 19 years of age. Her breast size is 36B that is super attractive for any punter. Her complexion is fair and having dress size 6. She is slim build with an average height of 5’7”. Her brunette hair and brown eyes look kills a man. She is from East European countries. Her sexual orientation is bisexual. She is available in W2 area of London. She is available for incall service with the hourly rate of £ 150.


Instead of searching places for sex, try our Incall Escorts

Read More Instead of searching places for sex, try our Incall Escorts

The saying that is well known and states that you can search high and low… (But you may never truly find what you are looking for) Do you believe in it? How high and low do you dare to go? As high as the heavens or as low as the depths of hell? You may or not be one that gets into all that religious bs. (bull-shit) I myself do not but just so you know we are not here to offend anyone and at Playful Escorts we just want to provide you with the best outcall escorts service possible. We respect everyone and just hope to provide you with the best incall escorts in London or outcall ones… and if any of this offends you than you should stop reading this page and go. If this grabs your attention and curiosity then read on to find out about Cheap escorts… yes, we all like cheap escorts. We have so many words to say and so little time to talk; we try to keep it as simple as possible and provide you with the best Incall escorts in London so why choose our incall or outcall escorts service? Because our cheap escorts are some of the best that you will find in London.

And how can we guarantee that? (Nothing in life is guaranteed, sorry) Well you don’t have to search places for sex, we can give you that. The nightclub, a pub or wherever else you happen to see fit to try to pick up a beautiful woman to score with. (YAY!!) Quit searching… our outcall escorts service is available 24/7; that means the searching ends. The hardest part is deciding which one of our cheap escorts you want to spend time with. We have incall escorts in London that you can go and visit if you care to. If that is not your style and you would rather avoid all of the hassles of travelling out and about, let them come to you. Playful Escorts tries very hard to meet all of your needs. They make things fast, simple, easy, etc.… Forget the bars and pubs, or wherever else you may be searching places for NSA fun. We´re not really supposed to use the word sex here, but before you decide on doing anything else, quit that endless searching, give it a rest. You can do it all with the girls from Playful Escorts of London. It will be one of the best decisions that you have made in all of your life… no matter how old you are. All girls, all ages; quit searching places for *fun* … you found Playful Escorts of London.

Why are busty escort’s well-liked by most punters?

Read More Why are busty escort’s well-liked by most punters?

Now if you are thinking of booking from our London escorts agency or maybe you are in Central London and wanting one of the Escorts in Paddington then can I suggest you consider one of our Busty escorts packages. I call them packages because it really is like Christmas has come and Santa has singled you out as having been the best little boy in the whole world. I would say booking two girls is pretty much only surpassed in terms of decadent indulgence by booking three and that just seems to be bordering on the greedy. No, I find that Busty escorts are just about right for me. You’ve got enough hands to deal with the incoming but you’re not swamped to the point that you just become a passive victim. With three girls there is always the temptation that they get too involved with each other and you end up texting them from the bathroom to remind them why they are in your room. We have a separate gallery on our site to cover the specific girls who work together. You can’t just put any of our London escorts together. It has to be girls who are happy to work with each other as well as you. We have a good selection of Escorts in Paddington who are into the bi scene so if you are close it may benefit you to take a look at our gallery or better still just give us a call and let us help you to sort it out. You won’t find a better London escorts agency to deal with than Playful escorts.

The Busty escorts package is so popular because it feeds on that fantasy that most men have to lurk in their subconscious. The thought of being seduced by one or possibly by two women at once has always been on most guys bucket list and let me explain why making that happen with two girls from our London escorts agency is such a great idea. The reason is that it removes the pressure to perform. The emphasis on who’s got to get it right shifts from your quivering hands to our girl’s shoulders. It’s them that have to worry about getting it right. Your only real duty is to enjoy yourself and that’s only on the basis that it would be such a shame if you didn’t. No one is going to be sitting fuming cos you couldn’t keep it going for long enough. In fact the quicker the better. No, that’s not true but it does leave cuddle time and there is something incredibly delicious about having two girls hugging you. So if you’re in and around any part of London why not try our Escorts in Paddington selection or pick two while you are about it. It will be the experience of a lifetime that you will never forget and when you’re old and they wheel you into the corner of the care home… you’ll have a distant smile on your face that they won’t be able to wipe away.



Get that Monkey off your Back with London Escorts

London escort

Just about everyone has at least one time heard the expression of someone having a monkey on they’re back or some other variation of it depending where you are from. If you are not familiar with it generally relates to someone having feelings of guilt, anger, regrets or worries and such on their mind from their personal life of even from their jobs that they cannot seem to get rid of no matter how hard they try. Others may believe that it dates back to the early 1900´s and that it is related to narcotics slang and that it means for someone to be addicted to something such as drugs, gambling or even sex. So you should gather by now that having a monkey on your back is generally not a good thing; unless you happen to actually own one and have a friendly one for a pet and do literally have a monkey sitting on your back, but that´s not likely. No matter how big or small or what type of monkey may be sitting on your back a reputable London Escorts Agency like Playful Escorts can help you get rid of it or lessen its burden with ease.

Playful Escorts has one of the most magnificent selections of London escorts that you will find working for them that specialize in providing companionship for men. Some of them are even willing to provide companionship to women as well so no one will be left out. Maybe you have a monkey on your back from work related issues? Sure booking a Baker Street Escort is not going to make the problem go away forever but it can make your afternoon or evening a whole lot better by helping you to forget about it for a while. Nothing helps ease your mind and take body aches and pains away more than a sensual meeting and relaxing massage from a beautiful woman. You don’t even have to wait until the end of the day to get it done. You can stop and visit an Incall London Escort for a noon-time quickie and go back with that monkey a little lower on your back. Think of Playful Escorts as being the best monkey repellent in all of London.

4 Myths about London Escort girls that will shock you!

London Escort

Every region has its own beauty when it comes to nature as well as people. London is no different as the country is known for the Royal palaces, castles and cathedrals. There are many myths about the ladies that work in the adult entertainment industry. Some of them are listed below and clearly need busting!

Just beauty with no brains

If there is one myth that frustrates everyone who know how things work in the adult entertainment industry is that many people think a large chunk of call girls in London are just ladies with beauty and no brains. Some of them are highly educated from well-known universities who chose to be part of a different, completely legal industry.

London escort girls have no skills

A lot of people think that one does not need any skills to be an escort. But, people in the industry will tell you that a lot of girls have skills which can keep a client engaged and thus ensure that they have a memorable time. A lot of them have had experiences which can be good for stories and thus the myth of them being just eye candies should be busted!

The sex is emotionless and dull

One of the most irritating myths about the industry is that the sex is often not intimate as it has been paid for. Nothing could be farther away from truth as many people can give great accounts of the experience with the London escort girls. Many people have a great time in bed with some quality escorts and often come back for more thus proving that these ladies are great at doing that they are known for!

It’s difficult to choose!

New-age agencies have their websites where one can check out portfolios of beautiful ladies which one can book an appointment with. With these things on the offer, the myth of spending time with one of the beautiful and lovely busty London escorts needs to be busted as that is clearly not the case in reality.

In London, one can look at Playful London Escorts Agency in the adult entertainment business. Get the hold of their website for some of the most beautiful ladies in the country.


Get Cuffed in a Good Way with Escorts in Paddington


Cuffing or being cuffed can have a lot of different meanings depending on where you are from. When I was young and use to stay with some of my older relatives with my two brothers we use to cause a lot of trouble on some occasions. (More than just a few) It´s just the way we were; we thought it was normal and all kids were like that… after all don´t all kids get in trouble at one point in their life? Coming from a large family we had lots of aunts and uncles growing up as my grandmother on one side of the family had 11 kids! My mom and dad were always busy working a lot to make ends meet that much of our time was spent staying at our grandmother’s house being looked after by some of our many uncles. Of course sometimes we would get a little out of line and one of our uncles would have to tell us to stop what we were doing  and straighten up or he was going to come and cuff us upside the head. In other words we were going to get smacked. One relative in particular always wore a big gaudy class ring on one of his hands and when you got cuffed by him and felt that big ring hitting you noggin (your head) it did’t exactly feel too good. Getting cuffed that way by either him or anyone in particular is never good. Playful Agency of London has Escorts in Paddington that may be able to offer you a better kind of cuffing.

Mature Escorts have the advantage of experience over some of the younger ones. They really know how to satisfy a man and make him happy no matter what his desires may be. Many of the Incall Escorts in Paddington have a variety of different sexy outfits that they can wear for you and have other toys and props that you can use with them to heighten you; ranging from toys to fuzzy handcuffs spanking tools and more. A little light domination and many other services can be found with all of their girls including their mature escorts in London. Get cuffed in a fun way from Playful Escorts of London.

London escorts are the one of the fast developing industry in United Kingdom. There are lots of agencies available in London but one in which trustworthy is Playful industry. This company is working in London since 2003 and satisfying clients. Your date will incomplete without visiting English escort in London.

Top Common Sexual Fetishes

Check out these crazy fetishes which are common with couples these days. What is your sexual fetish?

Whatever may be your fantasy or fetish, London call girls are always ready to fulfill them.

8 top fetishes

High quality escort services come at high price


In today’s world there most important aspect of life is money, everything is defined by how much you have and how much you can spend. If you have the money, you get to taste the honey and this is the principle that also rules the escort industry. The process of booking an appointment with an escort has become easier than ever but one has to pay a top price in order to have memorable experience.

This is a personal choice and thus anyone without the resources might go for a normal escort but some who value their experience tend to go with Best escorts Sydney. Many clients would vouch for the fact that more often than not, the experience is much richer as the quality of the escort and the time spent is worth the extra moolah that one spends for booking an appointment. One cannot oversee that the range of escort in the high end category is filled with beautiful ladies which have great work ethic and have the X factor about them which is to be experienced to be believed.

By choosing to go with Sydney high class escorts one is paying for spending quality time with what could be a girl of their dreams. With online portals and portfolios in the website one can take a look and choose the right girl which they would like to book an appointment with. These girls are not only pretty but they are also well groomed and intelligent which is an added asset to already very attractive package. In a world where fake stuff gets more coverage, the entertainment industry is where the real deal is at and thus what one can see is what one has to sell.

One cannot ignore than the main thing is the sexual experience which can blow anyone’s mind and then one can know where the money spend for Sydney high class escorts is really going! Every once in a while every man should just relax and spend the well earned money on something that is truly worth it and this experience is something that can come under this category. Reach the heavens with sexual bliss is what you are paying top dollar for!