3 types of men escorts come across many times


There are few things that every man desires. Peace of mind, money, family can help in a good state of mind while sex is one such factor which helps in physical satisfaction. Everybody wants it, everybody craves for it, and if they don’t get it from their wives or girlfriend then they look outside of their relationship to satisfy the obvious need. Escort industry in Australia is legal and thus many such men choose to visit escorts in Sydney for a quality emotional and physical time.

According to escorts, they often come across similar types of customers which they have to deal with. These different types of customers have different aspects about them and that is what makes them different. Following are some of the most common types of customers that an escort comes across many types.

1. The married guy : One of the most commonly found customers are the married guys who are in the search of having a good time with someone for few hours. There are many complicated and deep reasons as to why a married guy can look for physical pleasure outside marriage. Guys may look at exclusive escorts Sydney for coitus as he is facing issues in his marriage. Same can be said about him not being satisfied physically and thus looking for options outside works better.
2. The not-so-lucky guy : This type of guys are commonly found and one does not have to think hard about why they tend to visit escorts. These are the type of guys who just haven’t had good luck with the ladies and thus, in order to get some action. One of the best things about booking an appointment with any escorts in Sydney is that they are very easily accessible and thus one does not have to take a lot of efforts to book an appointment.
3. The fetish guys : In today’s world having a fetish is no longer seen as a taboo. A lot of guys have a perfect picture of the things and the way they want to spend the time with their dream girl. Foot fetish is one of the most popular forms of fetish and thus many exclusive escorts come across men who have certain fetish in their mind. These men may not get satisfaction which is desired and thus they choose to visit an escort.

5 Sexy Moves Your Girl Begging While Foreplay

Foreplay is not just about giving oral sex or loving attention to her.The really good stuff has a lot more to it. It involves her entire body, as well as her mind. She’ll Thank You For Using These Five Moves To Turn The Heat Up In The Bedroom.

Use this Techniques while dating Sydney Escorts and give them chance to make you more excited.

 5 Sexy Moves Your Girl Begging For More While Foreplay

3 foreplay tips for you and your partner


Foreplay is a very important part of the whole physical experience of love making. One can think of it as a warm up that gets you all ready for the big match that you are about to take part in. For men who are shy and do not know much about the moves, reading this can help in gaining some brownie points when making love with one of the best Sydney escorts.


Although kissing is something everyone thinks they are good at, there is so much more to it than it appears. Whether to use the tongue or not is something that is completely up to you and your partner but if you doing it with one of the best escorts in Sydney then French kissing can go a long way in warming with foreplay. One can also kiss on the neck, arms, legs and other sensitive areas where the partner can get aroused.


Who says only people who don’t get any real action are into masturbation? Playing with yourself is for anyone and everyone and doing it in front of your partner is even better as it can make him or her very aroused. Men and women both feel shy about playing with themselves but there is nothing hotter than seeing your lady play and tease you before you get down to the real deal. One can even make use of many toys can help in improving the whole experience especially when with escorts in Sydney.

Dirty talking

One often under estimates how much power words can have. Remember those days when long distance relationships were a thing? Dirty talking on the phone was and still is a popular form of foreplay. Doesn’t matter if your coital partner is in front of you or many miles away, one can always bring the wild side out through the help of dirty talking. Even the best of us can make sure the partner is all up for it by describing what you are about to do to them. Dirty talking often works well when you are with one of the best escorts in Sydney and you can have the most memorable time of your life.

Secrets to an enjoyable night with an Escort


Everyone has a fantasy of spending a wild night with some beautiful escort with a banging body. But, not many tend to make the first move or even come close to fulfilling this fantasy. Following steps can guide anyone to having a night of their lives with many Supermodel escorts.

Choose wisely

One of the most important factors is choosing the agency and the escort that you fancy. Escort business is booming and it is generates a lot of revenue. Unfortunately there are many conmen who cannot be trusted. Thus, it is important for you to do the homework and choose agency wisely. Once that is done, all you have to do is think of the perfect girl, the girl of your drams and book her for anoutcall or an in-call.

Don’t be shy

Many people are shy in real life when it comes to talking to women. This stops them from approaching a girl they like in a bar but when it comes to escorts, one should forget about everything and approach without having any fear in the mind. An escort is here to please you and being expressive is the start of having a good time.

Greet her nicely

One of the most important things that clients tend to ignore is even though you are paying for the services of one of the best Sydney escort, you cannot treat her as if you own her. She is there for your pleasure and helping her do that is by being nice and courteous to her. Being rude and treating an escort with disrespect will only make things worse.

Be romantic

Escorts mainly deal with the physical nature of coitus. But, one must not forget that romance can help make the whole experience more erotic and this can help a lot in having the time of your life. No one is in a rush, one can always invest time in building up the foreplay and make things more romantic so that you can never forget the night you spent with one of the best Sydney escorts.

Show your moves

Even though the Supermodel Escorts ­­­­­­­are supposed to be the experts at doing the deed and showing the moves, you can do some homework and show your moves in bed and surprise her. Nothing like fulfilling all the sexual fantasies in one night and making sure the experience is worth the top money you spend.

5 Sex Toys Every Man Should Know


To keep the spark alive in the bedroom  most sexually compatible couples will also need something new and exciting from time to time. For that Sex toys are some of the best options for you to really grade up your orgasmic intensity and add a little change to your love-making.

Date the best Sydney escorts to spark your sex life.


4 things that men look for in an escort


For countries such as Australia where the escorts business is completely legal, the industry is growing rapidly due to the never ending demand. Sex is like ice cream the more one has it, the more one wants it. Men are always craving for a better sexual experience which leads them to finding the most perfect woman which can satiate all of their needs. In the age of the internet, paying for sex has become easy and the doors to the girl of your dreams is just a few pages away. Here are 4 things that men look for in an escort

  1. Body shape: Perhaps the most important and most visually appealing factor are the assets of the escort. Some men prefer ass over tits while some are all about if the escort is slim or thick. Personal choices rule the escorts Sydney market and here customer realty is the king!


  1. Hair colour: Recent research tells us that Aussie men are all about blondes. 1 in every 3 men is likely to choose a blond escort over someone who has black or brown hair. For those who thought hair does not play an important part this might come in as a surprise.



  1. Grooming: A lot of money is spent by the escort company on the grooming of their escorts. From eyes to the toes, men with specific needs tend to be choosey when paying top dollar for High Class Escorts. While many men prefer the escort’s vagina to be full shaven, there are some who like the old school way of a woman having hair down under.


  1. Age: Escort industry is such that it does not discriminate the people according to age. From someone as young as early 20s to a middle aged women in her late 40s, there is a demand for everyone and as long as you’re legal, age is certainly no barrier in this industry!


A perfect escort company is the one which lets you filter and finds an escort which fits the right bill. Sydney’s award winning Boardroom Escort International is one place where one can find a girl which has all of the above mentioned attributes.

Sex habits of Australians

Checkout the surprising statistics of Aussies bedroom behaviours. An info-graph describing sexual habits of Australians by “The Great Australian Sex Census”.

Whatever your sex habit would be, Sydney Escorts always makes sure that the clients are always satisfied


Black London Escorts Are in Great Demand

Black London Escort

Black London Escort


Black Escorts come from all over the world. They come from the Caribbean, France, Brazil and many other places including Africa. Black Escorts have been and still seem to rapidly be becoming more popular within London Escort Agencies over the last few years it seems. Of course not all of them are from different countries and exotic lands. Some of the best ones you can find are born right here in our beautiful city of London.

Black London Escorts come in so many different shapes and sizes. Black Escorts are just one of the specialties of women that Playful Escorts has to offer you. Escort Agencies here in London know and understand that everyone is different; that we all have different tastes and not everyone necessarily prefers the same type of Escort. One person may be attracted to slim girls with small breasts; others may prefer the company of full-figured and large breasted Black Escorts. For that reason they frantically try to scoop them up as fast as they can without properly interviewing them and you could be in for a not so memorable or bad experience. We hope that’s never the case but as experienced punters it´s going to happen on occasion.

If you are a punter and find yourself wanting to book the services of Black Escorts, Playful Escorts is an excellent London Agency who is able to offer you our outstanding services. They are one of those Agencies who try to keep their prices as low as possible without sacrificing anything when it comes to the looks, personalities, services and attitudes of their Black London Escorts.

Black London Escorts galleries on different escort sites will vary greatly some will have very impressive selections while others may not. If you are patient you should have no problems finding a suitable companion for an hour or two of your time. Most agencies will give discounted rates on longer lengths of booking so if you have a special event in mind most all of them can accommodate you for anything you have in mind.

Company            : Playful Escorts


Contact us at     : 0208 965 8881


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Email us             : info@playful-escorts.co.uk

Why mature escorts often visit nightclubs?


mature escort

Parties, nightclubs, discos and bars are today’s generation spending most of their leisure time. Now, you all may know that various nightclubs and discos have rule where a male guy need to have a female partner in order to get an entry. If you don’t have a one, you really got to search for a partner and if you’re lucky enough you are in or else you better got to leave with no parties or dance. Parties without girls are like a lion without canine teeth- no prey- killing. Now, if you want to stop killing yourself and want to enjoy with girls at parties and nightclubs and, if you don’t have a girl-partner then London escorts are your best partners.

London is best place in the world to have your choice of escorts; with variety in them. Mature escorts are best girls to accompany with when you got to visit nightclubs and parties. Mature babes often visit discos and clubs with the demands from local men and men from around world. As mature escort is experienced, men do prefer these bombshells with the intensity of passion with which these escorts satisfy men.

Mature escorts in London love three D’s- Dudes, Dance, Drinks, when they are in nightclubs. They love DJ’s, that loud music which makes them go flirty and men often come close to them and make moments romantic. Though blonde escorts are less preferred than mature ones but blondes too not fall behind when men need companionship during parties.