Top Common Sexual Fetishes

Check out these crazy fetishes which are common with couples these days. What is your sexual fetish?

Whatever may be your fantasy or fetish, London call girls are always ready to fulfill them.

8 top fetishes

4 Myths about Sydney girls that will shock you!

Sydney escorts

Sydney escorts

Every region has its own beauty when it comes to nature as well as people. Australia is no different as the country is known for the coral reefs, beaches and pretty ladies. There are many myths about the ladies that work in the adult entertainment industry. Some of them are listed below and clearly need busting!

Just beauty with no brains

If there is one myth that frustrates everyone who know how things work in the adult entertainment industry is that many people think a large chunk of high class Sydney escorts are just ladies with beauty and no brains. Some of them are highly educated from well-known universities who chose to be part of a different, completely legal industry.

Sydney girls have no skills

A lot of people think that one does not need any skills to be an escort. But, people in the industry will tell you that a lot of girls have skills which can keep a client engaged and thus ensure that they have a memorable time. A lot of them have had experiences which can be good for stories and thus the myth of them being just eye candies should be busted!

The sex is emotionless and dull

One of the most irritating myths about the industry is that the sex is often not intimate as it has been paid for. Nothing could be farther away from truth as many people can give great accounts of the experience with the high class call girls Sydney. Many people have a great time in bed with some quality escorts and often come back for more thus proving that these ladies are great at doing that they are known for!

It’s difficult to choose!

New-age agencies have their websites where one can check out portfolios of beautiful ladies which one can book an appointment with. With these things on the offer, the myth of spending time with one of the beautiful and lovely High class Sydney escorts needs to be busted as that is clearly not the case in reality. In Australia, one can look at Boardroom Escorts International which is an award winning agency in the adult entertainment business. Get the hold of their website for some of the most beautiful ladies in the country.

High quality escort services come at high price


In today’s world there most important aspect of life is money, everything is defined by how much you have and how much you can spend. If you have the money, you get to taste the honey and this is the principle that also rules the escort industry. The process of booking an appointment with an escort has become easier than ever but one has to pay a top price in order to have memorable experience.

This is a personal choice and thus anyone without the resources might go for a normal escort but some who value their experience tend to go with Best escorts Sydney. Many clients would vouch for the fact that more often than not, the experience is much richer as the quality of the escort and the time spent is worth the extra moolah that one spends for booking an appointment. One cannot oversee that the range of escort in the high end category is filled with beautiful ladies which have great work ethic and have the X factor about them which is to be experienced to be believed.

By choosing to go with Sydney high class escorts one is paying for spending quality time with what could be a girl of their dreams. With online portals and portfolios in the website one can take a look and choose the right girl which they would like to book an appointment with. These girls are not only pretty but they are also well groomed and intelligent which is an added asset to already very attractive package. In a world where fake stuff gets more coverage, the entertainment industry is where the real deal is at and thus what one can see is what one has to sell.

One cannot ignore than the main thing is the sexual experience which can blow anyone’s mind and then one can know where the money spend for Sydney high class escorts is really going! Every once in a while every man should just relax and spend the well earned money on something that is truly worth it and this experience is something that can come under this category. Reach the heavens with sexual bliss is what you are paying top dollar for!

5 Interesting facts about doggy style sex


Everyone is looking to spice up their sexual life and one of the easiest ways to do this is by experimenting with different coital positions. One of the most popular and often fantasized position is the doggy style. People just see this as a very fun and ‘commanding’ position for doing it but there is more to it that it looks.

  • It is great for the G spot: If there is one thing that is guaranteed during a doggy style it is deep penetration that will awake the G spot gods, if you don’t believe this, ask any expert escorts in London.


  •  Let’s aboard the rear entry train: Every man has once fantasized about getting the tickets to the read entry. Doggy style is one of the many options one has when doing it from behind. It is the gateway to many other positions such as the foggy, reverse cowgirl etc.


  • It’s got some history: Even though this may not be a thing that would bother anyone doing it, there is a lot of ancient Greek and Roman artwork which refers to this position. Think about all the great historical figures who have done while you’re doing it doggy style!


  •  The animals’ connection: It’s evident from the name that dogs do it this style but not many people know (not that they need to KNOW this!) is that horses, camels and even elephants do it this style. One would be surprised to know that Chimpanzees don’t really fancy this position!


  •  The minority: One would think that a position this popular would be practiced a lot but many studies have often said that even though men like it, not many couples actually try it. There might be a few things that turn off people when actually practicing it.

Many people often have fantasies which can be satisfied by taking escort packages which can let the man fulfill his desires and dreams. There are a lot of agencies which can provide top quality entertainment to the client whilst being completely private about it. One such brand which has a good reputation in this industry is 24 Carat escorts which have a host of exclusive sexy London Escorts.

4 Incredibly sensuous sex positions every man desires


Sexual freedom is something that every man wants in a relationship. A lot of relationships which are very strong when it comes to understanding are also very weak when it comes to physical part. And thus one often looks outside the relationship to get these things. One of the most common complaints a man has is that the woman is not adventurous enough to try new sexual positions. Here are some of the most asked for positions when men visit escorts:

Woman on top

Although many people see this as a submissive position, men secretly want the woman to take control of the night and please them. The woman can dictate the terms and can be in the driver’s seat leaving the man’s hands free and letting the woman do the hard work.

Reverse cowgirl

This is also a very popular position and it is just a reserve version of the woman on top. It gives the man more freedom to do things which may come as a surprise to the woman. It is also one of those positions that is popular among the Top quality escorts as it isn’t a position which involves a lot of eye contact. It is a very romantic position and especially when both of them can up their sex drive and do it passionately.

Doggy style

There is no man in this world who does not like rear entry or the positions that favor the rear entry. Doggy style is a perfect position which puts the man in the driving seat no matter what hole he is putting it on. It is also allowing the man to penetrate more and go deeper and give her a sensational experience. Anyone looking for such an experience at Sydney escort agency can look at the excellent gallery at Boardroom Escorts International.

The lap dance

As the name suggests this move is all about her pulling that chair near and taking a seat on top of you. Some of the Top quality escorts are well versed with this move, they grind and this position helps both the people to be closer to each other. It also allows the man to kiss, tug, pull the hair and make good use of the hands.

Commitment and freedom in a physical relationship



Everyone is looking for a healthy emotional and a physical relationship with someone at some point of time. Whilst emotional one can take a long time to develop as it requires the people to be able to trust and know each other, the physical part of the commitment may not take that long to prosper. One of the most important factors of any adult relationship is the physical nature of it. If the sexual aspect of a relationship is not working well, then one has to look for other options. This is why many choose to go to high class Sydney escorts so that they can have a meaningful physical relationship which can satisfy the needs.

Man is a social animal and this has been said ever since the study of man and the evolution started. Many who believe the story of Adam and Eve also realise that the sexual tension and the urge to mate is what kick started the whole thing. People are designed to look for physical pleasure of the better or for the worse and if they do not get this in their relationship then many turn to escort girls Sydney for this very purpose. One often wonders if this is how us human are supposed to work naturally when the instincts lead to an outer source, why is the physical commitment part often clashes with someone’s freedom.

When someone goes to a restaurant and orders something to eat, it is then the right of the person to decide if the eating experience was good or bad. If it is bad, more often than not the person goes to some other eatery to try and satisfy the hunger. People visiting high class Sydney escorts have the exact same understanding if one cannot satisfy the sexual needs in a relationship then they look for it somewhere outside. Even with such a simple concept, people often do not understand the freedom that one possesses in which they can seek physical pleasure outside the relationship

The escort industry is legal in Australia and one of the well-reputed companies in this industry are Boardroom Interaction. They have won several awards in the entertaining world and have an excellent range of escort girls Sydney.

3 types of men escorts come across many times


There are few things that every man desires. Peace of mind, money, family can help in a good state of mind while sex is one such factor which helps in physical satisfaction. Everybody wants it, everybody craves for it, and if they don’t get it from their wives or girlfriend then they look outside of their relationship to satisfy the obvious need. Escort industry in Australia is legal and thus many such men choose to visit escorts in Sydney for a quality emotional and physical time.

According to escorts, they often come across similar types of customers which they have to deal with. These different types of customers have different aspects about them and that is what makes them different. Following are some of the most common types of customers that an escort comes across many types.

1. The married guy : One of the most commonly found customers are the married guys who are in the search of having a good time with someone for few hours. There are many complicated and deep reasons as to why a married guy can look for physical pleasure outside marriage. Guys may look at exclusive escorts Sydney for coitus as he is facing issues in his marriage. Same can be said about him not being satisfied physically and thus looking for options outside works better.
2. The not-so-lucky guy : This type of guys are commonly found and one does not have to think hard about why they tend to visit escorts. These are the type of guys who just haven’t had good luck with the ladies and thus, in order to get some action. One of the best things about booking an appointment with any escorts in Sydney is that they are very easily accessible and thus one does not have to take a lot of efforts to book an appointment.
3. The fetish guys : In today’s world having a fetish is no longer seen as a taboo. A lot of guys have a perfect picture of the things and the way they want to spend the time with their dream girl. Foot fetish is one of the most popular forms of fetish and thus many exclusive escorts come across men who have certain fetish in their mind. These men may not get satisfaction which is desired and thus they choose to visit an escort.

5 Sexy Moves Your Girl Begging While Foreplay

Foreplay is not just about giving oral sex or loving attention to her.The really good stuff has a lot more to it. It involves her entire body, as well as her mind. She’ll Thank You For Using These Five Moves To Turn The Heat Up In The Bedroom.

Use this Techniques while dating London Escorts and give them chance to make you more excited.

 5 Sexy Moves Your Girl Begging For More While Foreplay

3 foreplay tips for you and your partner


Foreplay is a very important part of the whole physical experience of love making. One can think of it as a warm up that gets you all ready for the big match that you are about to take part in. For men who are shy and do not know much about the moves, reading this can help in gaining some brownie points when making love with one of the best Sydney escorts.


Although kissing is something everyone thinks they are good at, there is so much more to it than it appears. Whether to use the tongue or not is something that is completely up to you and your partner but if you doing it with one of the best escorts in Sydney then French kissing can go a long way in warming with foreplay. One can also kiss on the neck, arms, legs and other sensitive areas where the partner can get aroused.


Who says only people who don’t get any real action are into masturbation? Playing with yourself is for anyone and everyone and doing it in front of your partner is even better as it can make him or her very aroused. Men and women both feel shy about playing with themselves but there is nothing hotter than seeing your lady play and tease you before you get down to the real deal. One can even make use of many toys can help in improving the whole experience especially when with escorts in Sydney.

Dirty talking

One often under estimates how much power words can have. Remember those days when long distance relationships were a thing? Dirty talking on the phone was and still is a popular form of foreplay. Doesn’t matter if your coital partner is in front of you or many miles away, one can always bring the wild side out through the help of dirty talking. Even the best of us can make sure the partner is all up for it by describing what you are about to do to them. Dirty talking often works well when you are with one of the best escorts in Sydney and you can have the most memorable time of your life.